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Delivering on Our Promise with Integrity and Character

Ensure Continuity of Care, Accountability and Consistent Communication Protocols for Patients, Family, and Staff; Provide Care beyond the Ex- pectations of Health and Safety Regulatory Standards, Quality Professional Staff, Accurate Documentation and Operational Efficiency; Candor, Honesty and Respect; Accountable Healthcare Patient Education /Teachings Coordinated High Quality Care Licensed & Certified Community Action Home Health Agency.


Homebound related to illness or Injury Certified Disabilities, illness and Advanced Age Appropriate Age (Adults) Geographic Residence.

Dana D. Williams, RN (DON)
Eileen V. Christie., RN & Latressie B. Silvas, RN
Clinical Supervisors
Cecilia C., Cecilia A., LaTonya Small and Lauren Ebanks
Community Outreach Specialists