Medical Social Worker Services

SierCam Healthcare Services has a staff of Medical Social Workers who can provide the client and family members with the support they direly need during this difficult time. When the health of a family member is critical, you need all the assistance you can get.

Medical Social Workers offer services such as:

  • Assistance with Inpatient and Outpatient Services
  • Resources for Healthcare Policy
  • Hospital Discharge Arrangements in Behalf of Client
  • Parenting Advice and Coaching
  • Assistance in Acquiring Medical Supplies and Equipment
  • Community Resource Coordination
  • Facilitating Advance Directives (Living Will or Power of Attorney)
  • Psychosocial Evaluation
  • Assistance in Coping with Emotions on Lifestyle Changes

Please call SierCam Healthcare Services to arrange for home health care as soon as you need it. We can be reached at 281-232-9990 where our friendly staff are ready to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.